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The furniture removal industry is a very competitive trades and service category. Business owners are seeing a huge value in having a multiple domain strategy to dominate page one of search results. This means, by securing page one ranking for each of website domain more users will be exposed to a single businesses services – on multiple sites. So let’s take a closer look at furniture removal SEO…

Furniture removal SEO terms

A quick look at Google AdWords shows us the level of competition for related furniture removal SEO keywords. I’ve included both generic and long tail location-based search terms.

Furniture Removal SEO AdWords
Google AdWords data as at 20 Feb 2015

As you can see in the screenshot above, AdWords cost per click ranges from about $10.00 for the generic term.¬†And it goes to almost $24.00 for the location based search term. It’s also interesting to note the location-based term “removalists sydney” generates far more searches than the generic “removals” term.

The reason for this is pretty simple when you think about it. If I’m moving house I will want a company that services my location. So of course I’m going to Google – removalists sydney.

Now if I were in the furniture removals business I would want to make sure I secure at least one site in the top three of page one for that term. Ideally I’d want five sites featuring on page one – or better yet, ten. Now that’s domination!

Taking into account the Adwords rates above, and the number of visits it takes to generate a lead (say five). The value per lead to a removal company is almost $100.00. What would you prefer..? Pay every time someone clicks on an search advertisement, or get free clicks over time on an ongoing basis?

In a category as competitive as furniture removal SEO, it makes a lot of sense to invest in organic search strategy.

By Michael Breen

Michael Breen has over 17 years experience in digital. He is an SEO expert and can improve your website ranking on Google.