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An SEO specialist is trained in search engine optimisation and is usually embedded within an organisation – either as an employee or contractor. If you are considering to hire someone to do SEO for your website in Sydney you really need an SEO specialist.

Web designers may be great at designing the look and feel of a website. IT guys may be great at fixing your computer. But when it comes to marketing in search engines an SEO specialist is who you should talk to.

I am an SEO specialist for Sydney based business looking to gain an edge over the competition. My goal is to get your business ranking on page one of Google search results for search terms that are related specifically to your business. You probably found this page by doing a search for something like SEO Specialist Sydney. This is what I can do for you.

SEO roles

If you are looking at this page from a large Internet-dependent organisation you probably have an agency or internal team. Within the marketing department you will probably find the following staff within the digital team:

  • Head of SEO – Directs all SEO efforts for the organisation (strategy-based)
  • SEO Manager – Usually in charge of SEO planning and execution (reports to the Head of SEO)
  • SEO Executive – A junior who does the heavy lifting – usually related to data mining (reports to the SEO manager)

For smaller organisations you are best outsourcing because it is far more cost effective than taking on headcount.

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Why use an SEO Specialist?

A true SEO specialist knows what Google looks for in order to rank high quality content on the first page of search results. There are so many factors that need to be taken into account. And it’s a full time job just keeping up with the latest methods.

As an SEO Specialist I have a detailed understanding of:

  • Writing compelling web content targeting the specific terms related to your business
  • Marketing and the importance of a clear call to action for customers
  • Converting user searches to customers
  • Optimising the HTML code in your website so Google indexes all pages of your website
  • Building authority for your business by generating high quality links back to your site
  • Location based search so you will rank for product /service in the location (s) you service

Your SEO specialist will also understand all the technical requirements. This will help your site stand out in this highly competitive environment.

Only doing some of the points listed above will not do the job. All elements need to be addressed and only an SEO specialist can do that.

Send me a brief to more thoroughly understand what you need. I’ll get back you you with a quote – usually within 24 hours. If you are located in Sydney I’m more than happy to come out and meet you.

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