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We are SEO professionals who are proficient in website design. One of the most irritating complaints we hear from prospective customers is that their current designer didn’t think about SEO when the site was built. This is a fundamentally flawed design philosophy because SEO must be built into the foundation of any website. This usually happens because either the designer doesn’t know how to do SEO, or wants another reason to charge you. Both, in our view, are totally unacceptable.

It is for this reason that we offer website design services as part of our SEO business. We’ve built hundreds of websites that rank on Google for search terms relevant to their business – and they look beautiful.

Responsive website design

Responsive design basically means that you only need one website for any device – whether that be desktop, notebook, tablet, or smart phone. Websites built in Responsive design adjust width and format so they render effectively in the device you are using. If you do not have a responsive website you should take action to convert yours immediately!.

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More people are using their mobile for search. Both desktop and mobile are growing, but mobile is growing faster and is expected to overtake desktop somewhere around the later half of 2015.

Desktop layout

Responsive Design - Desktop Version in responsive design – desktop layout

In the design below you will see similarities in design to the desktop version. Also note that when this screenshot was taken my iPad was vertical – rather than horizontal. Across to the right (depending of course on the device you are using) we have close to a full size version of the mobile layout. Notice how the elements are re-positioned by forming a stack?

Tablet layout

Responsive Design - Tablet version in responsive design – tablet layout

Incorporating native functionality into website design

The days of the mouse click may be numbered. Tactile functionality is gradually taking root in all devices – even the humble desktop. If you look at the mobile version on a device you’ll notice when you tap your finger on a phone mobile number, you will receive a command prompt to either CALL or CANCEL. Responsive website design enables this very useful functionality as part of the user experience. Tap it and see what happens (I AM waiting for your call).

SEO based website design

When we build websites SEO is at the core of anything we do. We exist for the sole reason of building traffic to your website through high ranking in Google organic results. If that means we need to build you a website – that’s fine too. We do a pretty good job too, don’t you agree?

In fact we build hundreds of websites purely for SEO purposes. Some of our clients have multiple websites, each of which rank independently high, so that they will have more than one search result for the same targeted term on page one. Clever huh?

We can build a fully optimised website design for you within a week and, depending upon the target term, have it ranking in as little as 10-30 days (although it can sometimes take up to 90 days). And we can work within your budget. Our aim is to make you more money so you can get more websites to grow your business.

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Mobile layout

Responsive Design - Mobile Version in responsive design – mobile layout

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