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You may have heard the saying “content is King”. For website owners this is absolutely the case. Almost all websites require compelling content created in a way that lures in buyers, and converts them to customers. An SEO copywriter is best positioned to do exactly that.

The key to great copy is to be unique and informative. Page content must be well sourced and well researched. Google is now able to detect if the copy is actually true (one of the ways it sniffs out ‘Fake News’. A copywriter understands this and is trained to write well researched content.

How to find an SEO copywriter

  • An SEO copywriter is able to tell a great story and entertain the reader.
  • A good SEO copywriter is an artist who can paint a beautiful picture word picture, and draw the reader in.
  • A great SEO copywriter will illicit emotions within the reader by understanding the triggers that cause the most desired reaction.
  • An amazing SEO copywriter can do all of the above, but also structure the story in a way that search engines will love.
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SEO copywriter skill set

Content for web should “read” as naturally as possible, while satisfying the need to include the targeted term in order to generate SEO traffic. There is no prescribed density for the inclusion of keywords on a page, only that you can’t just go and stuff the targeted term in everywhere.

An SEO copywriter should be capable enough to effectively communicate, in an elegant manner, the required message to the target audience. The words on a web page need to be carefully crafted – assembled to elicit the desired emotional response. The targeted term should integrate seamlessly into the story.

Care must be taken to insert the targeted term throughout the page. It must be spaced in a reasonably even fashion from start to end. This is known as linear distribution and a proven method for optimising content. Synonyms are also encouraged and should be used as a “catch all”, which can be effective for latent semantic indexing. For example – “keywords” is synonymous with “targeted term” and an appropriate alternative to the repetitive stating of target terms.

Incidentally, the last two words of the paragraph above are variants, and not to be mistaken as synonyms. Google views variants the same as the targeted term, which could negatively impact the perceived quality of a page if overly used.

And finally, body copy must contain a minimum of 300 words (500 is ideal). Pages with less content are considered “thin” content and will result in a penalty.

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