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The world-wide-web is a series of inter-linked web pages that serve content to users. This is the essence of the Internet. Links are the glue that holds all of those websites together, so it’s vitally important to have a sound link building strategy in place.

We provide best practice link building solutions to website owners looking to gain trust and authority with web users. In turn this will overcome the competition and place webpages higher up in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Penguin proof your website

You may be reading this page because you have already received either a manual or algorithm penalty from Google. If you aren’t already aware this is due to the latest Penguin updates. Steps need to be taken to clean up your backlink profile. First you need to be familiar with every single external link to your website. Then you need to ascertain the quality of each link. low quality links that are deemed toxic must be removed, or disavowed through Google.  There are many tools out there designed to identify toxic links but some are better than others.

If your website has been hit you need to act now so use you online form on this page to get in touch.

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Link building strategy

Not all links are equal. Up until recently the more links you had to your website the higher the page rank. High page rank meant higher authority for your website because every link was seen as a vote of confidence in the web page. The more votes your website had the better it would generally rank. So it became a link building strategy to get links from anywhere – regardless of the quality of website the link originated from. The long and the short of it was that people were gaming the system to artificially inflate website ranking. That was until Google launched it’s Penguin update. When that happened many rankings crashed, and businesses relying on the web failed to survive. Just as we optimise websites, Google continues to optimise Penguin, so eventually all bad links will be penalised – it’s only a matter of time. Put simply, the only link building strategy you should use is the one that will generate high quality and trust links from relevant websites.

High quality links

We provide only quality link building services. We will NOT simply place a link on a web page – any web page for that matter! Here’s how we conduct our link building practice:

  • By creating high quality content on relevant websites
  • By placing one link only on the page of content created
  • By optimising the anchor text of that link to target the destination page effectively

It is not only important to receive high quality links from relevant websites. Website owners are also rewarded (as thoughtful digital citizens) by linking out to relevant, high authority websites. The Internet is a vast, virtual ecosystem and relies upon links to flourish. By linking out you aid in that growth, and in the process build great neighbourhoods of digital content.

And we don’t forget to do your house work either. A great website with no broken or low quality internal links earns the right to those highly sought after votes of confidence in your content.

Our link building services will ensure your website is rewarded as a great digital citizen. Use the online form on this page to get in touch so we can help out.

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