On-page SEO

Once the initial website audit has been completed the focus will turn to on-page SEO. This involves isolating and otimising each page element based on the findings in the audit report. This practice will setup your website so that Google will index each individual web page higher up in it’s rankings. This will mean more traffic to your website – and more customers buying from you. Here’s what we do:

On-page SEO elements

Once we have identified the most important keyword search terms a unique phrase will be used to optimise each on-page SEO element. It is crucial that each page is unique. The majority of websites don’t do this effectively. By optimising each page correctly – based on a targeted term – your web pages will perform better than most. Here are some of the on-page elements we use to optimise your website.

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  • Website copy must be unique and compelling to the reader. Content must be a minimum of 300 words (500 to be safe). It must be well written with no spelling or grammatical mistakes. If you are in Australia understand the difference between optimise and optimize.
  • Page title is the most important HTML tag. Each web page should have a unique title tag containing the keywords you want to target. Titles should be arranged in a certain order to rank for specific terms and must not be too long.
  • Meta description tags are housed within the HEAD tag of an HTML document. This content describes the content of the web page. It is generally used to populate the search result snippet that entices web users to your page.
  • Headings are used on all documents to signal the theme and structure of the page. Headings signify hierarchy of the content, and range from H1 to H6. Only one H1 heading should be used per page, and must be unique from all other pages on your website.
  • Images bring your content to life. It is generally recommended that an image is place on each web page. It must be light in weight (so the page loads fast) and contain a number of HTML attributes including alt tag, cation, description and size.
  • Location is important if your business services a particular geographical area. It is for this reason that your webpage should be effectively targeting product / service location as a search term (like pizzas parramatta).

By addressing each on-page SEO element correctly we effectively present the web page to Google in the cleanest way possible. The more errors on a page the more difficult it will be for web-crawlers to understand the content. So it’s best to avoid mistakes and give your web page the best chance at ranking well.

An addition to the on-page SEO elements above we will also ensure that links are effectively placed on the page to guide users to the next step in the conversion process. We will also be sure to make your content share-able across all of the popular social networks.

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