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Is your AdWords marketing strategy working effectively? Are you paying for low quality clicks that don’t convert? Paid search is probably the most cost effective form of paid advertising you can do. But it can be very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. We can help maximise your AdWords marketing budget and dramatically increase online sales. Use the online form on this page to get in touch and find out how.

Effective AdWords marketing strategy

What’s the point in spending all of that SEM budget if you can’t seem to convert sales? Pay per click advertising is only the top part of the funnel. The objective¬†is for an increasing larger portion of those clicks to ultimately drop through the funnel – and convert to customers. We call this the path to purchase.

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Path to purchase

Before spending any money on paid search you must be able to provide users with a clear path to purchase. It’s the first step in AdWords marketing and lays the foundation for everything else. We can help by running user journeys based on scenarios for each of the products / services you want to sell. These user stories will identify and blockers on your website that keep a user from purchasing. Once the blockers have been removed it’s time to to think about AdWords and quality score.

Quality score

QS (quality) score is a rating Google AdWords gives you, and is based on the relevance of both the ad and landing page in relation to the user search query. The more relevant; the higher quality score. A higher quality score means your ad will appear higher in the results, and more prominently positioned for the user. And the best news – your cost per click will be less! We’ll help you achieve the best quality score which means your advertising dollar will go further.

Conversion rate optimisation

OK, so your ads have been running for a while. You’ve been getting a pretty good cost per click and sales are starting to come in. Business is good but you want to get it booming. This is where CRO (conversion rate optimisation) comes in. Let’s say only 10% of your AdWords marketing traffic is converting to sale, and you want to increase that to 25%. Where would you start? Using Analytics tools, based on historical data, we can ascertain the most common point where users exit the purchase path – prior to purchase. Once established we can then test additional scenarios in real time to see which one converts better. This is known as multivariate testing and is the most proven method for CRO.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to AdWords than just paying for clicks. Use the form on this page to find out how we can help you get more out of your AdWords marketing budget.

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