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If you are looking for an SEO professional in Sydney then you most probably found this page by searching using the term SEO professional Sydney. And that’s precisely what we are. We’ve worked in the online industry since 1997, and had done SEO projects for global industry leaders, automotive and finance. We’ve also worked for small businesses and helped them succeed on the Internet.

How do you know the person attempting to sell you services is actually a professional? There are many who call themselves ‘professional’ but they could be sitting in their bedroom watching television as they speak to you. Here are a few tips to help you decide.

Tips for choosing an SEO professional

Everyone will tell you they are an SEO professional, and you really have no way of knowing. Some will throw around esoteric SEO terms in an attempt to impress you. Others may focus in on a particular area of SEO and tell you that is all you need to do. These are but a couple of pitfalls you may come up against in your search. So how do you choose?

Talk to an SEO professional today!

If a person can not explain to you in clear laymen terms what exactly they will do on your website to improve you search ranking, you need to find someone who can.

Google them

Use terms like: SEO professional Sydney, SEO specialists Sydney, or SEO Sydney etc. Search the service you are after (SEO), and the location you are in (Sydney). They should at least come up in the first couple of pages at least.

Ask for references

If a so-called SEO professional has achieved success there has to be someone out there who knows about it. So ask them for a name and number. Then give them a call.

Calibre of work

They will have worked on large well-known websites. Ask them what websites you would know about, or can at least look at. “Joes Fish and Chip” shop is really not good enough.

Don’t respond to unsolicited email

All this will achieve is conform that your email address is active and you will receive more and more spam. If you are already a website owner you will know exactly what we mean. Even professional SEO providers receive spam email from supposed SEO companies (usually offshore)

Ask them what needs done first

If they say you should look at links first then that’s all they can probably do. They should ask you for the terms you are trying to rank for and look at that page. You should be able to get top line recommendations about on-page optimisation immediately over the phone. If you can’t it’s just some sales person trying to sell you services that will be done by someone else. Test them on their knowedge.

Just remember, if you can’t understand what is being said, you don’t know what will be done. Use the form on this page to get in touch for a discussion you will completely understand about SEO – from a true professional.

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