Social Media Marketing Sydney

Social media marketing is a relatively new addition to the online marketing mix, but it’s a massive addition. The sharing of web content via social networks has explode in recent times.

Each social network serves a unique purpose:

  • Facebook is for everyone (because of it’s sheer size)
  • LinkedIn is for professionals
  • Twitter is for micro-blogging
  • Instagram captures the moment
  • YouTube is THE video repository
  • Pinterest is for showing off our ideas

There is a social network for everyone. If not, it’s likely there soon will be!

Social media is all about sharing

Internet users rely on shared content to keep informed about things they are interested in. Social networks feed this reliance by creating feeds that push and pull content between networks of all sizes. In fact, the Internet is simply the ultimate mega-network. Facebook, it seems, is not far behind. Ask yourself, have you ever laughed at a cat video or watched a daredevil’s epic fail on a skate board? We all have, well most anyway.

What do you have to offer that is unique? What is it that will make a user click ‘Like’ or ‘Share’? And how do you share it with influencers (with lots of followers). That’s where we come in!

Try social media marketing today!

We conceive and develop social media marketing strategy based on the relevance of each social network to your business product/service/location.

Benefits of social media marketing

The sooner you start social media marketing the sooner you will start reaping all the commercial benefits.

  • Direct line of communication with your customers
  • Gain more consumer insight through page comments
  • Higher brand recognition and authority
  • Consumer evangelists will promote your brand
  • Extended reach to customer networks
  • More opportunities to convert sales
  • More traffic to your website

And by allowing us to manage your social media marketing you can rest assured there will be no embarrassing tweets/posts/comments/pics, etc. Something like this is best left to professionals who completely understand the implications of reputation management.
[callout1]But you are an SEO business. Why should I trust you with social media marketing?

Social media and SEO go together

We’ve learnt how to do social media marketing very well because Search and Social media work hand in hand to drive more pre-qualified visitors to your website. In fact there is definite¬†correlation between frequently shared content and high search ranking. Just about any online marketing strategy will require a mix of “search & social”. Why? because it works!

To find out more about our social media marketing, or indeed about any of our online marketing services, you can get in touch by using the form on this page.

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