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SEO training is available to Internet dependent organisations needing to focus on SEO as a predominant traffic source. We conduct training for all types of organisations – big and small. We have provided SEO services to many businesses and some have chosen, over time, to take the SEO function in-house. We can assist with this transition.

SEO is critical to your marketing activities. Businesses must align IT and marketing to achieve success. We train employees positioned at this point of convergence[/callout1]

We offer SEO training and development for business organisations in Sydney and around Australia. We provide full day training, or can sit with your staff at their desk while they optimise your website in real time. Ongoing coaching is available and we can fit it all in with your schedule.

We cater to small business operators, medium sized businesses, and marketing departments within large organisations.

We tailor SEO training based on your requirements. To find out more about our SEO training service simply use the form on this page.

Tailored SEO training

Whether you are new to SEO, or just need a refresh, we can tailor a training programme to suit.

Find out more about SEO training  today!

SEO training modules

On-page optimisation

This module focuses on in-page HTML elements, keyword research, and applying keywords search engines use to index web pages.

  • Understand all HTML elements
  • How to use Meta tags
  • XML and HTML sitemaps

Off-page SEO

This module teaches you how to get in-bound traffic to your website by building high authority links back to your website.

  • What links you need
  • Types of links to avoid
  • Implications of a bad link

SEO content creation

The SEO content module teaches you how to write compelling web-based content to engage the user and convert them to customers.

  • Write for humans
  • Optimise for Google
  • Achieve high search results

Our SEO training services gives your team the ability to effectively optimise your website and achieve high rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Who SEO training is for

  • Anyone outsourcing their SEO
  • Content managers
  • Copywriters
  • Digital managers
  • Programmers
  • Sales and marketing staff
  • SEO professionals
  • Social media managers
  • Web developers

More SEO services

We also offer a full suite of SEO services

  • SEO audits
  • On-page optimisation
  • Link building
  • Copywriting
  • SEO maintenance
  • Website design

Find out how your business can benefit from SEO training. Use the form on this page and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If you are located in Sydney we can usually meet up within 48 hours.

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