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Furniture Store SEO: Rank To The Bank

A huge number of furniture stores today have shifted most of their attention to online media. This is quite apparent as you will not be finding any shortage of furniture websites that have setup and integrated their services over the internet. Their move towards online connectivity brings to the table a huge amount of benefits allowing them to pique and garner the interest of their target audience in a large scale. Online furniture stores in the present are also able to do this in a timely and efficient manner saving them a great deal of resources in the process. Online integration however, requires a number of factors that needs to be taken into consideration and one of them is with regards to your SEO approach. Let us look at furniture SEO and what search terms are the most lucrative for furniture store owners today.

It should be noted that SEO process involves the research of appropriate keywords that fits right well with the services one provides. Without the help of SEO, online stores will have a hard time drawing attention and traffic towards their website making them visibly harder to find. This is indeed quite true especially today where there are thousands upon thousands of online furniture stores found over the internet. To make the search process more seamless and fast for customers, many online stores today have applied the use of SEO giving their websites the fair share of attention it needs.

Search terms that are the most lucrative for furniture store owners today can vary from location. For instance, for small scale furniture owners, many advise them to focus their attention on their geographic region. Sydney furniture stores for example can benefit greatly with the use of local SEO. This in turn helps increase the likelihood of local customers being directed to your store front. Furthermore, these local clients will also be more likely to patronize your products especially since your store is situated near them.

Many furniture owners have also benefitted greatly with the use of long tail keywords with regards to their search engine optimization. Basically, long tail keywords are considered to be those three and four keyword phrases which are very much specific to whatever product one is selling. Long tail keywords help provide distinction while at the same time avoid the occurrence of having the same keywords with other providers. This works great if one is offering a particular brand or model of furniture.

For example, adding the word contemporary or antique in the mix of your SEO keywords will help them standout amongst the rest. The end result would be something like “Contemporary furniture in Sydney” or perhaps “Antique furniture in Sydney”. This helps streamline the search process while at the same time provide a more relevant and accurate result to the products online users are looking up today. The same can also be said with regards to the quality or type of material that is being used for the furniture. Furniture stores can add oak, timber or perhaps pine as keywords to produce the results their customers need. This in turn helps save their clients a great deal of time as well as resources when looking up furniture products over the internet. Make sure to do the necessary updates and revisions of furniture SEO to reap its wonderful benefits.

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Furniture Removal SEO

The furniture removal industry is a very competitive trades and service category. Business owners are seeing a huge value in having a multiple domain strategy to dominate page one of search results. This means, by securing page one ranking for each of website domain more users will be exposed to a single businesses services – on multiple sites. So let’s take a closer look at furniture removal SEO…

Furniture removal SEO terms

A quick look at Google AdWords shows us the level of competition for related furniture removal SEO keywords. I’ve included both generic and long tail location-based search terms.

Furniture Removal SEO AdWords
Google AdWords data as at 20 Feb 2015

As you can see in the screenshot above, AdWords cost per click ranges from about $10.00 for the generic term. And it goes to almost $24.00 for the location based search term. It’s also interesting to note the location-based term “removalists sydney” generates far more searches than the generic “removals” term.

The reason for this is pretty simple when you think about it. If I’m moving house I will want a company that services my location. So of course I’m going to Google – removalists sydney.

Now if I were in the furniture removals business I would want to make sure I secure at least one site in the top three of page one for that term. Ideally I’d want five sites featuring on page one – or better yet, ten. Now that’s domination!

Taking into account the Adwords rates above, and the number of visits it takes to generate a lead (say five). The value per lead to a removal company is almost $100.00. What would you prefer..? Pay every time someone clicks on an search advertisement, or get free clicks over time on an ongoing basis?

In a category as competitive as furniture removal SEO, it makes a lot of sense to invest in organic search strategy.