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Are you look for SEO companies in Sydney and don’t know where to turn? Well you can do one of two things:

  1. Look no further and simply choose us; or
  2. No, actually that’s it.

Of course we’re kidding – well kind of. There are literally hundreds of SEO companies in Sydney alone. All of which promise to deliver you the best results.

Types of SEO companies

There are generally three types of SEO companies, although they all may be “dressed up” differently to attract customers.

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SEO Specialist Companies

These companies generally live and breathe SEO. They are usually the most up to date with the latest SEO information. This is where we fit. SEO specialist companies usually work on a project by project basis. This usually involves an initial up front fee to get your website up to speed. Once complete there is usually an ongoing monthly maintenance fee. This can vary based on how competitive the keywords are that your website needs to rank for, and the level of budget you can commit to. SEO specialist companies are generally the most cost effective.

Digital Marketing Agencies

These types of SEO companies can be very effective, but are more of a full service digital agency. Usually there is an SEO team within the organisation. These teams consist of the following:

  • Head of SEO
  • SEO Manager
  • SEO Executive
  • Technical SEO developer

The head of SEO is the true specialist and directs all SEO efforts. All other staff report into this role and align themselves with the overall SEO direction for your website.

There is almost always an SEO client services┬ámanager as well. The role of the account manager is to deal directly with you. They don’t normally do any of the SEO work, but they keep the client relationship on track and deal with any issues that may come up. Digital Marketing Agencies can be expensive due to the number of staff working on your project. Each member must fill out time-sheets and this is generally billed onto the client.

Off shore SEO companies

These have to be the worst. If you have a website you will no doubt be getting spam emails from supposed SEO companies located generallly in the sub-continent. Do yourself a favour and just delete these emails. If you respond they will just keep trying to sell you their services. Granted, they are very cheap but the quality of work is usually very low as well. My advice to you is this – beware of offshore SEO companies.

If you are looking for a cost effective SEO solution that gets results then you should at least try us out. Use the online form on this page to get in touch.

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