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The role of an SEO Consultant is to provide advice to an organisation about the SEO effectiveness of its website.

Finding a reputable SEO consultant in Sydney can be quite a difficult task. It seems like every man and his dog is cold calling, or sending unsolicited (spam) email hawking their SEO service. To make an informed decision on choosing the right SEO consultant you almost have to become an expert yourself.

The aim of this page is two fold:

  1. Provide you with some tips and insight around what you need to look out for when considering an SEO consultant for your website.
  2. To convince you we are well equipped to handle just about any SEO project.
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How to choose an SEO consultant

Do a Google search for terms relating to SEO in your area. Try something like: SEO consultant Sydney, or SEO specialists Sydney. If you are looking for pricing information something like SEO prices Sydney would give you quite a number of providers to choose from.

Don’t pay any attention to the sponsored ads in search results. SEO companies who pay for ads are not relying on their skill to rank in the natural (organic) search results and most probably be not as effective as those who do.

Look for an over use of SEO jargon when you get around to actually speaking to a prospective SEO consultant. If they can’t explain to you in simple language what they do there is good chance they aren’t experts.

Ensure you have full access to SEO-based analytics. As a minimum your SEO consultant should provide you with access to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. These tools enable both the SEO Consultant and client to track and measure the success of any SEO campaign. If they don’t give you access then they are attempting to hide something.

Choose an SEO all-rounder. SEO encompasses a number of key disciplines. Your SEO consultant should have a thorough understanding of the use of HTML code, content creation, technical knowledge, and link building. When speaking to a prospective SEO consultant ask what their strategy is. If they haven’t addressed each of these areas – in plain English – you should look for one who does.

Why choose me as your SEO consultant?

I’ve been in the digital game for over 15 years now, and worked as an SEO consultant in Sydney with client websites ranging from:

  • Large scale transaction-based websites in the finance and automotive industries, to
  • Sydney based small businesses looking to target their local area specifically for the products / services they provide.

I work with you personally and will provide metrics on which to measure the success of your SEO campaign. And I won’t rest until you get the rankings you need to make your business successful.

Supply me with a brief of your requirements and I’ll get back to you with a quote. I look forward to becoming your Sydney SEO Consultant!

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