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How do you define an SEO expert? If you are like 99.9% of the population you wouldn’t really have a clue. I’ve worked with some of the most recognised global brands. In thosr organisations I’ve had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented marketing people. If you were to ask them the same SEO expert question less than half of these people would be able to give you a good answer. Why? Because SEO is such a specialised field, and it’s constantly evolving.

The first thing you will probably do is do a Google search for something like SEO Expert Sydney. You’d look no further than the first page and most probably choose the one that ranks up the top in the natural (organic) results. (Note: this does not mean the ones labelled “Ads” across the top and down the right hand side – those companies pay to be there)

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How to choose an SEO expert

But just because an SEO page ranks up the top in a search result doesn’t necessarily mean they are right for your business either. And there is a good reason for this…

Let’s face it, the search engine most people use is Google. It delivers a great product and users can generally find what they are looking for. As the Internet grows there is more competition to rank on that elusive page one position. Some so called SEO experts use nefarious tactics, known as black hat, to achieve high rankings. But as Google grows it optimises its product the rule breakers get caught out and all of the rankings plummet for websites they manage. I see it all the time!

So, what should you be looking for in a true SEO expert? Here are a few tips…

Expert Content Creator

First and foremost your website content is the most important element of SEO. You’ve probably heard the saying “content is King”. Wee it is and always will be. Your SEO expert must know how to write compelling content for the web.

Knows how to build a website

An SEO expert truly understands how websites work, usually because they build them. Have you ever looked at the HTML code behind a website? For most people it won’t make any sense. An expert will be able to sit with you and explain it to you in plain English until you completely understand.

Technical expert

One of the factors Google uses to rank sites is page speed. Only technically proficient individuals can tweak you site so it works faster. You don’t have to know how it works but there are online tools that measure speed and performance of any website. Check out GT Metrix and run your own report. If it looks like the report I ran for this very site you are doing well.

GT Metrix Report
GT Metrix report for our site. Run your own and compare the two

Communications expert

If you are being pitched SEO services you must be able to understand what is being said to you. If you are being bombarded with jargon it usually means it can’t be effectively explained. If it can’t be explained chances are it can’t be done by the so called SEO expert pitching for the business. We breakdown exactly what’s required and tell you up front – before we start the work.

If you need an SEO expert and want to completely understand what will be done to make you website rank simply get in touch by using the online form on this page.

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