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Top Horse Racing Tips Search Terms

The internet changed the way people gamble and place their bet on horse racing. Traditional bookies relied on traffic through their door, but today over half of all bets are placed online. The average punter is more concern about finding a winning bet than finding a great online bookmaker to bet at. Many people would place a bet and give the bookmakers their money, so much money is spent betting, it is almost impossible for bookmakers not to make a great profit. The online horse racing gambling market becomes so large. This immense opportunity makes the competition to appear on the top of search page becomes fierce. Bookies dedicated to gain high natural search position implements Bookmakers SEO.

The Melbourne Cup is likened to Christmas for the Bookmakers. Many people that bet on Melbourne Cup do not make any other bets throughout the year. So to bring people to the site and sign them up, bookies entice them with tantalising betting offers like free gift or free online betting. This kind of incentive for small free bets gives the best opportunity to choose their site rather than the competition.

Punters who use online bookmakers are prone to search with a number of varying words around horse racing tips. This gives a huge array of keyphrases to choose for active marketing use. Finding the right keywords is quintessential for gambling SEO to get the best results. Keyword research is the first step to get an idea of search volume and learn what the target market is looking for. The smarter horse racing SEO analyses the search volume to identify relevant search terms for their content marketing. In order to get better traffic, select the best search terms you want to rank for. Learning the top horse racing gambling search terms is the basic bookie guide in selecting or replacing their keyphrases. Here’s a list of the top horse racing gambling search terms in Australia based on search volume. This will help you figure out what search terms are used by punters when searching for bookie sites:

Keyphrase                          Search Volume
Racing Australia                 60500
Racing AU                          60500
Race results                       33100
Horse racing                       14800
Horse races                        14800

Keyword research is the standard practice in SEO and online marketing. Keyword research reflects what punters are looking for and the way Google thinks about these keyphrases. It’s not advisable for new bookie sites to target phrases like gambling, betting and online bookmakers. Ranking well for these competitive keyphrases is incredibly tough. There is a fierce competition for generic phrases such as “online gambling” or “online betting” major bookmakers are competing for these. More specific and less competitive keyphrases can be used for better SEO results. If you’re planning to engage in PPC ads, long-tail specific keyphrases are usually less expensive.

Keyphrase                          Search Volume
Horse racing results           9900
Horse racing tips                6600
Racing tips                         4400
Horse racing today             3600
Horse race results              2900
Free horse racing results   1000

Picking the right search terms will guide your overall content strategy. But avoid giving so much focus on high volume terms alone. Instead choose the keyphrases which is most relevant to your business. Try to understand the user’s intent and what will motivate them to place their bet on your site. Leverage on your user’s needs and use that knowledge to give them the best user experience. You will have a better success rate if you focus on your niche and serve your target customers with better content. This will result in higher ranking, better traffic and higher return on investment from your marketing efforts.

By Michael Breen

Michael Breen has over 17 years experience in digital. He is an SEO expert and can improve your website ranking on Google.