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Is your site struggling to get found on Google? Did you search Google Experts Sydney to find us? Well that’s one of the the most competitive SEO terms for SEO experts in Sydney. And that’s how you found us. We didn’t buy any ads to appear in Google search results. We achieved this by applying best practice SEO principles. SEO Sydney NSW can do the same for you. Talk to one of our Google Experts today about how we can do the same for you.

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Google shaming Not Secure websites

HTTPS encryption is crucial for users of Google Chrome Browser. If your website is not secure it will display the words ‘Not Secure’ in the URL address field of the browser. This will be a deterrent to visitors to your website because they will generally not trust it. Immediate implementation of HTTPS is urged for all website owners. Get in touch with our Google experts if you need help.

Google Backlink Penalty

Penguin 4.0 has been released. If you have a bunch of low quality links you may have been hit. Call us to find out more or read the blog post below.

If you have a website that IS NOT mobile friendly it will significantly impact your Google ranking. Your website design should be responsive. This means it should look and feel a little differently on IOS and Android mobile phones. It should fit the form and function of the device – like tapping on a phone number to make a call. Try this website on your mobile to see what we mean. SEO Sydney NSW has resolved this issue for well over 100 websites.

Why choose SEO Sydney NSW? Because we are the Google experts

We are SEO experts who have been in the online marketing game since 1997. Our SEO experience includes working with some of the biggest players in Sydney, Australia, and the world in publishing, the finance and automotive industries. We have been successful in achieving high search rankings for some of the most competitive keywords out there.

  • We only take on one client per business niche
  • Websites optimised by SEO Sydney NSW will NEVER be penalised.
  • Everything we do on-site is in line with Google quality guidelines.
  • We apply best practice SEO that works, so you rank higher in search results.
  • Which means more customers for your business.

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SEO Sydney NSW is dedicated to helping websites get found on page one of Google search results for keywords that convert – in all of the locations you service! Regardless of whether your business operates locally, nationally or globally – we’ve worked successfully with all three! So call us now.

Local SEO

Chances are you found us because you did a search for companies like us. You may have searched SEO Experts Sydney on Google. SEO because that’s the service you need, and Sydney because that’s where you live. We can do the same for YOUR business type & location.

Google Maps

Our SEO Sydney team ensures your business is visible on Google maps so users can find you – very handy for mobile users out and about.

Google Local

Google offers free business listings. We make sure your listing is on page one for the SEO term and location that works for you.

Multiple locations

Do you have have multiple locations in Sydney? We ensure each local outlet ranks independently. Chain stores must do this to survive!

On Site SEO

Search engines read the HTML of a website to index links in search results. So it is crucial to ensure these elements are present in the code. We optimise your website code so it ranks well for the terms needing to be targeted. We ensure all in-page elements are best pratice for SEO.

Keyword Research

Our Google experts ensure you remain competitive for relevant search terms applicable to your business. Our research generates traffic.

HTML Source Code

Search engine robots crawl through the HTML code that renders your page how we see it. We ensure Google views it the right way.

Web Signals

Some website pages are not for public view. Your key pages should be in full view. Our method helps search engines prioritise your content.

Off Site SEO

There are a number of external factors that help build solid SEO rankings. These off site elements can have a direct influence on how visible your site is on search engines. Link building builds authority to your site. Reviews build credibility and social media encourages sharing.

Link Building

A link back to your website is a vote of confidence for your content. Our back link service provides votes of the highest quality.

SEO Reviews

Great reviews are essential for products and services you offer. We help attract positively glowing reviews so your business stands out.

Social Media

Our social media strategy helps build a loyal and engaged community. Encourage sharing your website with new potential buyers.

SEO Sydney NSW is committed to achieving the highest possible ROI for all our clients – long term!

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